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Moving Office - Timescales

It is important to try and establish at the outset the likely timescales envisaged for the project in consultation with your professional advisors, agents, solicitor and any contractor involved in the fitting-out process.


Where you are acquiring premises where you are entering into a sub-lease as opposed to a head lease, various parties will be involved in the approval process, and where the head landlord will not necessarily have any direct benefit from the conclusion of the transaction. This can result in the process for completion becoming protracted. It is important, when reflecting on the envisaged timescales, to consider the relevant characteristics of both the property and the lease structure and the various parties involved in the approval process in order to set a realistic timetable.

In addition, certain premises and certain types of fit-out may require additional time and lead in periods and it is important that this is factored in to the envisaged timescales.

Landlord’s Approvals*

Where a tenant acquires accommodation and wishes to fit-out and make alterations, approvals from the landlord (and superior landlord if appropriate) will be required.

It is important that during the legal process in full details of the proposed fit-out are concluded at the earliest opportunity and the relevant applications made.

It is not recommended in the majority of instances to complete legal formalities without having first obtained landlord’s approval to proposed works.

In the event you complete your lease before obtaining consent, subsequent approvals can become extremely protracted and may result in you being obligated to pay full property costs without having the benefit of being able to commence your fitting-out works or take occupation.

*This document is prepared as a brief guide and must not be relied upon or considered as comprehensive.

Professional advice should always be sought

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